Hengua Cones


Hengua cones are a mixture of organic Hyperlink Generator Rajistani Henna Powder and organic Jagua ink which produces a more intense shade of henna stain. Jagua is a berry fruit from the amazon rain forest and stains a dark blue indigo color and when added to henna creates a more darker burgundy shade of stain.

Stains vary from person to person and Aftercare makes a huge difference in the results of your stain.

Please Follow the aftercare instructions provided with your purchase. Remember to seal your Hengua design with the natural organic Hyperlink Generator Body Art Sealant . You can find that Hyperlink Generator here

Jagua Ink is Safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals. The Jagua ink used in my Hengua paste is certified and registered with the U.S Food and Drug administration and has been approved for Cosmetic Body Art.


People with sensitive skin are encouraged to perform a patch test. Jagua is a berry fruit, People who have allergies to fruits in the berry family and citrus family should avoid any products containing Jagua ink.

Please DO NOT expose high levels of heat on the applied Hengua or Hengua stain.

Please do not apply Hengua to freshly waxed skin.

Any artist who is purchasing and using Hengua on clients agree to inform clients of Jagua ink sensitivities.

Can be stored up to 6 months.

Hengua is a perishable product, and is shipped on mondays and tuesdays of each week to retain freshness and not spoil during shipping.