Jagua Gel Bulk

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Jagua Gel cones are made with 100% pure organic ingredients (Non- GMO) Organic Xantham gum, Organic essential oil and organic Jagua juice. Jagua is an indigenous fruit from the South and Central American rain forest, especially from the Peruvian Amazon jungle. It is scientifically known as Genipa Americana and it has been used as a body art expression by the Shipibo Tribe; the oldest ethnic group in the Peruvian Amazon jungle for over 2,500 years. It creates an amazing deep dark indigo to black stain.

Jagua is Safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals. The Jagua Juice used in my Jagua Gel is certified and registered with the U.S Food and Drug administration and has been approved for Cosmetic Body Art.

Although Jagua is an all natural product free from any chemicals, it does have an extremely RARE chance of a skin reaction.

People with sensitive skin are encouraged to TEST a small patch of skin before applying a full-sized Jagua Temporary Tattoo. Jagua is berry fruit, People who have allergies to fruits in the berry family and citrus family should avoid Jagua.

Please DO use the Hyperlink Generator Body Art Balm to help protect, and prolong the stain.

Please DO NOT use extreme heat during the duration or drying of the Jagua stain as Jagua is sensitive to heat and when exposed to high heat temperatures does have a rare chance to cause a skin reaction.

EXAMPLES: hot baths, hot showers, hot tubs, jacuzzi, heaters, blow dryers and saunas. Showering with lukewarm or cool water is fine. Please do not apply Jagua to freshly waxed skin. DO NOT scrub the skin while the stain is settled into the skin. Let stain exfoliate naturally from the skin.

Any artist who is purchasing and using Jagua on clients agree to inform clients of Jagua sensitivities.

Must be kept in freezer or fridge until ready for use. Use within 6 months.

Jagua is a perishable product, and is shipped on mondays and tuesdays of each week to retain freshness and not spoil during shipping.